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Poster Title and Presenter

Access to Direct Acting Antiviral Therapy for Recipients of Solid Organs from Hepatitis C-Viremic Donors

Presenting Author: Cori Edmonds, PharmD, BCPS, CSP

Assessing Interventions to Improve Patient Care Conducted by Pharmacists at an Outpatient Renal Transplant Clinic within a Collaborative Pharmacy Practice Agreement

Presenting Author: Keren Johnson, PharmD, CSP

Assessing Rates and Reasons for Treatment Lapses in Patients Treated with Denosumab

Presenting Author: Megan E. Peter, PhD

Assessing Reasons for Primary Medication Non-adherence in Oncology Specialty Medications

Presenting Author: Autumn D. Zuckerman, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP, CSP

Cost Effectiveness Study of Hyperkalemia Management

Presenting Author: Paula J. Alvarez, RPh, MBA, MPH

Development of a Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Management Program

Presenting Author: Katrin A. Moore, PharmD, CSP

Utilization of a Network Adherence Dashboard and Subsequent Quality Initiative to Enhance Adherence

Presenting Author: Lana Gerzenshtein, PharmD, BCPS, CSP

Digital Technology as a Communication Tool with Pharmacy Staff During COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenting Author: Vinay Sawant, RPh, MPH, MBA

Disease Activity Scores and Medication Adherence in University Hospitals Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Presenting Author: Emily Acheson, PharmD, CSP

Evaluating Prescription Outcomes for Specialty Agents Used to Treat Dermatologic Conditions: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Presenting Author: Matt Bowles

Evaluating Reasons for Medication Discontinuations Across Specialty Pharmacy Therapeutic Areas

Presenting Author: Brandon J. Newman, PharmD, CSP, MMHC

Evaluating the Benefit of a Medically Integrated Health System Specialty Pharmacy Care Model in Treating Rheumatologic Diseases

Presenting Author: Suprina Patel, PharmD

Evaluation of an Integrated Health-System Specialty Pharmacy Technician-driven 7 Day Post-Transplant Discharge Telephonic Follow-Up

Presenting Author: Olena Northrup, PharmD, BCACP

Evaluation of an Integrated Health-System’s Approach in Facilitating At-Home Use of Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factors in the Face of the COVID 19 Pandemic

Presenting Author: Nicole Cowgill, PharmD, CSP

Expansion of Outpatient Pharmacy Services Through Initiation of a Rapid-Start Antiretroviral Therapy Program

Presenting Author: Martha Stutsky, PharmD, BCPS

Healthcare Resource Utilization and Cost Burden of Hemophilia B in the US

Presenting Author: Nanxin (Nick) Li, PhD, MBA

Impact of an integrated specialty pharmacy model on patient access to dalfampridine

Presenting Author: Aimee Banks, PharmD, BCPS, MSCS

Impact of specialty pharmacies on stomatitis prophylaxis with dexamethasone at everolimus therapy initiation

Presenting Author: Lily Duong

Improving patient experience by identifying and addressing injection training gaps via a novel clinical product: a test and learn specialty pharmacy program

Presenting Author: Melissa Swoope

Modeling rates of primary medication nonadherence with specialty oncolytic agents

Presenting Author: Autumn Zuckerman, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP, CSP

Multiple Sclerosis disease modifying therapies’ adherence and hospital costs using Pharmacy quality alliance guidelines and marketscan commercial claims and encounters database

Presenting Author: Francis Staskon

Persistence on droxidopa for the management of orthostatic hypotension at an integrated care center

Presenting Author: Sabrina Livezey, PharmD, CSP

Rates, reasons, and timing for treatment discontinuation in patients prescribed denosumab

Presenting Author: Anwesa Chakrabarti

The economic burden of hemophilia B – a lifetime decision analytic model

Presenting Author: Nanxin (Nick) Li, PhD, MBA

The Impact of Initiating Specialty pharmacy services in outpatient health system clinics: a provider satisfaction analysis

Presenting Author: Jayna Patel, PharmD

The impact of university hospitals specialty pharmacy hepatitis c patient management program on patient and pharmacy outcomes

Presenting Author: Svetlana Lyamkin, PharmD

Tools for improving delivery of pharmacy services and driving compliance in specialty pharmacy

Presenting Author: John Heller, MBA

Understanding biosimilar purchasing patterns within a home infusion and specialty pharmacy group purchasing organization: an inflammatory conditions case study

Presenting Author: Stacey Ness, PharmD, RPh, CSP, IgCP, MSCS, AAHIVP

University hospitals specialty pharmacy event reporting

Presenting Author: Claire K. Chen, PharmD

Development of an evidence-based, outcome driven specialty pharmacy program for hemophilia

Presenting Author: Kristen L. Ditch, PharmD, BCCCP

Implementation of an enhanced oral chemotherapy care model to prevent medication errors

Presenting Author: Kate E. Smullen