Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) Exam Prep Course

Specialty pharmacy is the fastest growing segment of pharmacy practice today and will continue for the foreseeable future. Specialty pharmacy impacts only a small percent of the population; however, the diseases and drug therapies are very complex and require a higher level of knowledge compared to more traditional diseases and drug therapies. The Certified Specialty Pharmacist Credential is designed to validate your professional expertise, elevate the status of the specialty pharmacy profession, differentiate yourself in a competitive job market, position yourself for handling limited or exclusively distributed drugs, position yourself to better serve payer requirements, and protect the public by improving their health outcomes and reducing medication errors.

The CSP Exam Preparatory Course is offered by the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy and will cover aspects of Clinical, Fulfillment, Intake and Outcomes that might be expected on the exam. Join expert faculty as key aspects of specialty pharmacy and the specialty pharmacist’s role are discussed. Key topics include the fundamentals and considerations for the patient intake process, as well as fulfillment workflows, quality assurance and dispensing channels. Outcomes measures and standards are covered, and clinical modules review persistence and adherence, specialty drug classes, indications, interactions, and more.

Learning Objectives

The target audience for this activity includes pharmacists. At the completion of this activity, participants will be able to:


The CSP Prep Course is available online in the NASP Education Center for $325 for non-members and at a discounted rate of $149 for NASP members.

Disclaimer: The Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board (SPCB) develops and oversees certification programs for specialty pharmacists and licensed pharmacists who work in a capacity related to specialty pharmacy and meet the eligibility requirements in the candidate handbook, implements policies and procedures for these certification programs, and oversees the development of the certification examination(s). The SPCB retains autonomy over all certification program policies and decisions. It is important to note that as the CSP’s governing board, the SPCB does not accredit, approve, endorse, or recommend any education or training programs and/or products designed or intended to prepare candidates for certification. SPCB has no involvement in the development or delivery of such programs or products.