The Specialty Pharmacy Difference

Patient Testimonials 

The many stakeholders who make up the specialty pharmacy industry are well aware of the difference that specialty pharmacy makes. The intricate medications for the complex, often chronic conditions that comprise specialty pharmacy require the collaboration of a network of stakeholders who are knowledgeable about special handling and administration of each drug therapy. But for those who are not aware, or who might take for granted the care we take to make the patient journey the best it can be, NASP is introducing The Specialty Pharmacy Difference as a recurring feature in The Advocate and on the NASP website. The idea emerged from members of NASP’s Customer Experience Committee, who noted that the comments they receive from patients serve as moving testimonials for their teams as well as reflecting positively on the entire industry.  

You are invited! Each contributor of our diverse membership is invited to submit their patient feedback or comments from customers that relate directly to the patients they serve.  

Do you have a testimonial we can publish? Please let us know! 

Shields Health Solutions

“All the pharmacy staff is excellent! Extremely kind, compassionate, and professional. They have been very helpful with any questions or concerns that I have raised. As you know having cancer is painful, stressful, and anxiety-ridden but dealing with people like those at your pharmacy helps take some of the awfulness of one’s situation away. You all do a fabulous job. Thank you!”

Publix Specialty Pharmacy

“Patient and her 2 daughters are filling with Publix. One of her daughters had a reaction to her med and she expressed how wonderful Brad has been and how helpful. She feels like he has their best interest at heart and appreciates all that he does for them.”

Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy

“I just wanted to let you know that I worked with a gentleman named David. He is tops! 10 stars for him. He made things so simple and easy to understand and made me feel comfortable, and I really loved how he talked to me and worked with me. I’m so grateful for that because you don’t find the pleasantries today that he gave me. He made my day. Thank you again.”

BioTek ReMEDys

“Excellent service. My nurse was very on point and knowledgeable about everything that needed to be done and hooked up. Excellent. Would recommend it. Thank you BioTek!”

“Every BioTek associate who has helped me to navigate this new, unwelcome MS journey has been nothing less than caring, knowledgeable, and professional. My insurance could learn a lot from you and your company! Keep up the good work.”

“THANK YOU – we appreciate your service. With your help my dad was able to celebrate his 75th Birthday at home while getting his IV medication. YOU ARE AN AMAZING COMPANY – HUMAN BEINGS, NOT JUST PROVIDERS, AT YOUR BEST!!”

“No one goes above and beyond like BioTek ReMEDys does.”

“Everyone at Biotek is fantastic! Unlike any other organization.”

“The staff a BioTek treat you like family. They are always welcoming, and they go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable during treatments. I look forward to my monthly infusions.”

“Everything has been great! I am extremely happy with the service. You have made things a lot easier for me!”

“The staff was awesome from admission to the end of my treatment. Great customer service which you don't find very often in today's time!”

“From the moment I entered the facility, I was greeted by your friendly and professional staff who made me feel at ease. Their warm smiles and reassuring demeanor truly helped alleviate any anxiety I had about the infusion process. The nursing staff deserves special recognition for their remarkable expertise and compassionate care!”

Walgreens Pharmacy at the University Health Truman Medical Center

”I have been thoroughly impressed with the high standards of service they uphold, their kindness, and continued passion for the population they are serving. The pharmacy staff has never made me feel as if my questions were a bother or that they were too busy.”

“One of the most impressive things to me, is that this is a consistent finding – I don’t just have one positive encounter with them, or a few positive encounters, I ONLY have positive encounters with them.”

“Every time I hang up the phone, I always say out loud ‘that is a fantastic pharmacy’ or ‘they truly do an amazing job! I love calling them!’”

PromptCare Companies – Home Infusion

“52 yo female with hx of fibromyalgia, hypertension, migraines and low back pain. In September 2019 the patient developed BUE progressive weakness and BLE tripping and falling. She was dx with CIDP and started on 5days of IVIG and by day 2/5 could already feel more muscle strength returning and by day 5 she was back to normal. Six weeks later her symptoms returned, and her neurologist put her on 40gms x 3 days every 4 weeks. Pt went thru multiple dose increases/decreases and frequency changes because she noticed her symptoms returning before next dose was due. She also developed a lazy eye treated with oral steroids.

The patient is knowledgeable about medicine, having been a veterinary tech. She had to stop working because of her symptoms but was still fostering stray dogs. Her husband had to start working from home in order to care for her during her periods of weakness. This caused major disruption to both their lives and their relationship.

Per RN: “What was remarkable to me was to see her lose her ability to walk unassisted or lift her arms. During these times her husband had to do 100% of her ADLs, use a gait belt to assist with difficulty walking, help her sit and stand etc. I would start the IVIG and within 2-3 hours she could lift her arms to her waist or shoulders and by the end of day 2 she could lift her arms over her head and get up from the couch unassisted. The transformation of seeing someone who was fully dependent on her husband to being fully independent within 48hours of receiving IVIG was absolutely amazing. She went through many of these independent/dependent cycles while the new dr switched her from every 3 weeks to every two weeks along with finessing the dosage. Remarkably she always returned to full function after receiving her IVIG.”

Currently she is getting 35gm x 2 days every 2 weeks. She has had several moderate to severe allergic reactions to IVIG but with IV presteroids, Pepcid AC, Benadryl, Tylenol and decreasing infusion rate to 75ml/hr max she has not had any further issues. It would be devastating if she couldn’t tolerate IVIG at all. Her lazy eye has fully resolved.

Since she is medically stable now, her relationship with her husband is no longer strained. Pt no longer fears she will wake up with no muscle strength or loss of ADLs. Best of all she is now planning a trip to the UK this fall. “