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patiromer and maintenance of RAASi Therapy in Hyperkalemic Medicare Patients

Authors: Desai NR, Rowan CG, Alvarez PJ, FOgl

Psoriasis Patients utilizing secukinumab, ixekizumab or brodalumab – comparisons to prior biologic medication adherence levels, reasons for switching, and reported changes in disease symptoms

Authors: Baiano R, Staskon F, Miller R

The impact of an integrated health-system specialty pharmacy on HIV antiretrovial therapy adherence, viral suppression and CD4 Count in an Outpatient ID clinic

Authors: Barnes E, Giumenta A, Johnson M, Zhao J

Assess integrated specialty pharmacy services as a medication optimization strategy for rifaximin in hepatic encephalopathy patients

Authors: Mac E, Battershell A, Buaisha H, Nolan K

Medication adherence and graft survival among heart transplant recipients

Author: Boghani S, Kirkham H, Witt EA, Hira N, Cherikh WS, Wilk AR, Maghirang J, Pietradoni G

Medication adherence and graft survival among kidney transplant recipients

Author: Boghani S, Kirkham H, Witt EA, Hira N, Cherikh WS, Wilk AR, Maghirang J, Pietradoni G

Management of specialty drugs, specialty pharmacies, and biosimilars in the united states

Authors: Brook R, Smeeding J, Carlisle J, Sax M

United States Health plan cancer concerns in 2019

Authors: Brook R, Sax M, Carlisle J, Smeeding J

Adherence of patients to oral oncolytic and neurologic specialty medications provided by a specialty pharmacy

Authors: Bhusal B, Oleru K, Arikian V, Jaster R, Stranz M, Lindhorst J

Appropriate prescribing of antimetics with oral oncolytic therapy – a single center experience

Authors: Suen CT, Hughes ME, Timlin C, Cambareri C, Kriska R, Strong G, Favatella JK, Demers R, Capozzi DL

Variation in health plan specialty drug coverage: An empirical analysis

Authors: Margaretos NM, Lai RC, Panzer AD, Chambers JD

Development of a collaborative pharmacy practice agreement to improve efficiency and management of prescribing in a renal transplant clinic

Authors: Chelewski R, Johnson K, Suckerman A, DeClercq J, Choi L, Peter M, Langone A

Hereditary angioedema C1-inhibitor replacement therapy and coexisting autoimmune disorders: findings from a claims database

Authors: Farkas H, Fridman M, Supina D, Chiao J, Prusty S, Berger M

Coupling patient care management operations with technology and data platform to optimize hepatitis C therapy outcomes

Authors: Duong L, Malachowski M, Tran K

Clinical impact of a pharmacist interventions on improving outcomes in patients receiving immune globulin therapy in a home setting

Authors: DiStefano J, Vaughan L

Determining Specialty pharmacy FTEs (Full-Time equivalents) needed in a clinical practice

Authors: Holton J, Favatella J, Capozzi D, Demers R

Real-World assessment of an integrated clinical model on oral hepatitis C therapy at Southern ohio medical center

Authors: Ferraro R, Quillen S, Phillips R, Newman B

Impact of ambulatory clinical pharmacists interventions on outcomes in the HIV population

Authors: Foltanski L

Development of a palivizumab specialty pharmacy management program

Authors: Harlan L, Benskin K, Gatzke C, Majors A

Cost-effectiveness model for on-demand treatment of hereditary angioedema (HAE) attacks

Authors: Tyson C, Anurag R, Adams P, Haynes A, Magar R

Cost of leukopenia and neutropenia in metastatic breast cancer within last 12, 36, and 60 months using a curated disease model

Authors: Alford SH, Ng M, Meade M

Integrating high touch specialty pharmacy services within a neurology clinic to improve medication access and affordability

Author: Hickman A, Edwards K

Implementation of an Internal Check of Oral Oncolytics: A single-center, specialty pharmacy safety initiative

Author: Hughes M, Kriska R, Strong G, Chung J, Nguyen L, Rubin D, Murphy M, Favatella J, Capozzi D

Impact of specialty pharmacy taking ownership of the prior authorization process of Multiple sclerosis specialty medications to increase access to infusible disease-modifying therapy (DMT)

Authors: Whetstone M, Reichard J, Sigmon S

Impact of a specialty pharmacy benefit on rheumatoid arthritis medication adherence and functional status: a continuation study

Authors: Zande M, Wickizer M, Topp R, Faust S, Hustad C

Economic burden of hemophilia B in the US: A systematic literature review

Authors: Li N, Sawyer EK, Maruszczyk K, Slomka M, Burke T, Martin AP, O’Hara J

Impact of specialty pharmacist integration on time to medication access for pimavanserin

Authors: Livezey S, McCormick R, Shah NB, Choi L, DeClercq J, Zuckerman AD

A targeted approach to reducing rates of discontinuation and dose reduction in patients receiving sorafenib or regorafenib

Authors: Nix R, Looney B, Lamb C, Peter M, Zuckerman AD

Measuring the impact of integrating PGY-2 ambulatory care pharmacy residents into specialty clinics

Authors: Spencer C, Woosley M, Brenske A, O’Reilly E.

Comparison of Extended to standard half-life recombinant factor VII therapy in patients with hemophilia A on Prophylactic treatment

Authors: Koerner P, Miller R, Radi M

impact of using real – world outcomes versus clinical evidence and list prices on value assessments

Authors: Meade D, Ng M, Alford SH

Understanding purchasing patterns and product access of newly launched specialty generics

Authors: Ness S, Lucas R

Development of a specialty pharmacy productivity benchmarking model

Authors: Platt T, Shah R

Estimating the value of pharmacist interventions in a specialty pharmacy setting

Authors: Craig R, Grant K

Evaluation of a specialty pharmacy health coaching program

Authors: Simonson D, Wittenborg M, Snyder M, Wiest H, McNamara A

Impact of multidisciplinary patient education sessions on expectations and understanding of new CGRP treatments

Authors: Stewart A, Wells R, Young J, Strauss L, Wise S, Granetzke L, Kumar S, Speiser J, Guzik A, O’Connell N

Impact of outpatient specialty pharmacy on medication adherence in post-kidney transplant patients

Authors: Petrosan A, Belfield K, Cohen E, DelVecchio M, Stutsky M

Impact of health-system specialty pharmacy services on medication adherence in pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis

Authors: Tao V, Papiro T, Stutsky M, DelVecchio M, Kelly SA

Correlates and barriers to medication adherence in multiple sclerosis patients and their impact on clinical outcomes

Authors: McPherson D, D’Ambrosi M, Stutsky M

A novel tool to monitor adherence to oral oncolytics: a pilot study

Authors: Sun W, Reeve R, Ouellette T, Stutsky M, De Jesus R, Huffer MJ, Mougalian SS

Patterns of on-demand medication use in patients with hereditary angioedema treated long-term with prophlactic subcutaneous C1-inhibitor

Authors: Levy DS, Chiao J, Dang J, Hood C, Supina D, Feuersenger H

Comparison of healthcare utilization among managed Medicaid individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis treated with emergent vs. established disease modifying therapy

Authors: Sutton B, Petrilla A, Teigland C

Impact of a high-touch, collaborative, patient-centric, hepatitis C specialty clinical program on completion of glecaprevir/pibrentasvir therapy

Authors: Swoope M, Bertram C, Krouskos R, Peeler G, Wood C

Predicting Time to Medication Access for Hematologic Malignancies: The impact of an integrated specialty pharmacy and limited distribution drug networks

Authors: Zuckerman AD, Peter ME, Starks S, Maulis M, Declerq J, Choi L, Jagasia M

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