PBM Reforms in Medicare and Medicaid Must be Priority as Congress Nears Government-Funding Endgame 

Feb 27 · Advocacy

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores, the National Community Pharmacists Association, FMI – The Food Industry Association, the National Grocers Association, the American Pharmacists Association, the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy, and the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations issued the following statement today: 

“As the U.S. Congress works diligently to prevent a government shutdown and decide what priorities to include in a potential agreement, PBM reform in Medicare and Medicaid is a must for Americans, for communities, and for their pharmacies. 

“Failure to include these reforms, which Congress has advanced on a broad and bipartisan basis, would be a major victory for the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) that employ harmful tactics that inflate prescription drug costs, force pharmacy closures, and block access to Americans’ pharmacy of choice. 

“Our coalition, which represents pharmacies and pharmacists across all practice settings, has aligned around PBM reforms in Medicare and Medicaid that are urgently needed and widely supported. 

“We appreciate the leadership and hard work that have gone into the many bipartisan PBM reform legislative efforts this congress. We reiterate that these reforms are needed without delay.” 

For more information, please see a recent letter to Congressional leaders.