NASP 2021-2022 Patient Satisfaction Survey Program White Paper

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), in partnership with the SullivanLuallin Group (SLG), is pleased to share the results of the NASP 2021-2022 Patient Satisfaction Survey. 

This program offers an independent, non-biased, validated industry gold standard performance measurement tool that our specialty pharmacy corporate members can use to continually improve patient engagement, patient care, and to benchmark their performance against other NASP member organizations. The goal and function of the survey is simply to improve the quality of the patient experience and journey and ultimately enhance clinical outcomes. 

What We Measure

The survey is designed to measure key performance metrics affecting patient engagement including: patient access to medication and pharmacist, prescription fulfillment, pharmacy/staff performance, billing, overall satisfaction and willingness to refer friends or family members, and pertinent demographic information. 

A special thank you to the NASP Customer Experience Committee for their assistance in the development and review of this white paper. You may download a copy by clicking here.

Coming in 2024

The NASP 2023 Patient Satisfaction Survey Program White Paper will be delivered and available no later than September 2024. Please reach out to Arianna Arquette, Membership & Business Development Specialist, at for more information on how to take advantage of this valuable NASP Benefit.