Luis Rodriguez


With over 15 years of technology executive leadership experience, Luis Rodriguez is the former President of keycentrix. Rodriguez joined keycentrix as Chief Technology Officer in 2015. Soon after, in February of 2018, Rodriguez was appointed President and was responsible for steering keycentrix’s explosive national growth.

Altogether, Rodriguez has accumulated an impressive 20+ years of technology experience and is well-versed in various other industries including, but not limited to, retail, finance, restaurant, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Before leading keycentrix, Rodriguez operated NerdUnit, an IT Service company for small to mid-sized businesses, and later served High Touch Technologies, overseeing all software development operations, strategic technology initiatives, research, and development.

Additionally, Rodriguez is active in the technology sector, serving on the board for FlagshipKansas.Tech, the Forbes Technology Council, and has served on the Citrix Advisory Council.

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