Chuck Collins, MS, MBA


President | Healthcare Stakeholder Solutions, LLC

Healthcare Stakeholder Solutions is a managed markets consultancy in its 11th year focusing on healthcare delivery disparities. As president, Mr. Collins has over 33 years of career experience in the pharma industry. He has an extensive history of working across both multiple therapeutic areas and all managed market channels, helping to develop customized managed markets solutions. He serves on the Board of Directors as well as a Sr. Fellow to Medonomics, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank specializing in health policy, finance, and operations. He has provided strategic managed markets consultation and tactical implementation to multiple major pharma clients. 

In previous roles, he led the managed markets strategic counsel efforts providing insight and execution for commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, retail pharmacy chains, and specialty pharmacy providers. Mr. Collins has over 24 years of managed markets expertise in account management, training, marketing, and developing effective pull-through initiatives. He currently speaks on a national basis regarding healthcare delivery disparities at AMCP, NASP, and ASEMBIA. Mr. Collins is a patient advocate and works with non-profit charitable organizations to raise awareness around healthcare trends that impact patient financial assistance programs. In addition, Mr. Collins has published supplements to the Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management® entitled Less is More…A Cost-Minimization Analysis of wilate® as an Effective Treatment Option for von Willebrand Disease and Assessing the Value Proposition of NUWIQ® in the Hemophilia A Market: An Illustrative Model in Cost Avoidance. Recently, Mr. Collins developed a whitepaper entitled “Payor Considerations When Evaluating a Specialty Pharmacy Partner for Rare Diseases and Limited Distribution Products”. Mr. Collins participated in the strategic launch of American Health & Drug Benefits® and, as a founding member of the editorial board, contributed actively for several years. 

Mr. Collins graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University. Mr. Collins additionally holds a master’s degree in clinical chemistry from Old Dominion University and a master’s degree of business administration in pharmaceutical marketing from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. 

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