Chelsea Hustad, PharmD, CSP

Certified Director

Director, Clinical Services | Lumicera Health Services

 Chelsea Hustad, PharmD, CSP is the Director of Specialty Pharmacy Clinical Services at Lumicera Health Services where she leads a large team of clinicians focused on providing clinical service excellence. In her role, she is responsible for overseeing the development and management of the company’s patient management program, as well as ensuring superior patient satisfaction and efficient clinical operations. Chelsea serves as the Senior Clinical Officer and Co-Chair of Lumicera’s Quality Oversight Review Committee. 

Chelsea spent seven years working as a retail pharmacist before she made the leap to specialty pharmacy to fulfill her passion of providing high touch patient care with each patient’s individual treatment goals in mind. Since joining Lumicera as a Clinical Pharmacist in 2015, Chelsea has been instrumental in the growth, success, and ongoing assurance of optimal patient outcomes at Lumicera. She has created and customized over 200 patient-centered medication and disease state specific clinical pathways that help tailor the patient journey and enable Lumicera clinicians to connect patients with the right information at the right time with care and compassion. She also helped develop a Care Management Program that enables patients identified as needing higher touch to receive the additional follow up, coordination and counseling they need to be successful on their treatment. 

Chelsea holds a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been a Certified Specialty Pharmacist since 2019. With the support of her experienced clinical team, she has mentored more than 75 pharmacy students, interns, and residents to provide them with the clinical skills necessary to provide top-quality care for patients with complex disease states. In 2021, she was named Pharmacy Times’ 2021 Next Generation Pharmacist of the year in specialty pharmacy. To support her ongoing commitment to being an effective leader for her team, Chelsea completed the Bonfire Women’s Leadership program in December 2022. 

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