EVERSANA and UpScriptHealth Announce Integrated, Direct-to-Patient Platform

Apr 14, 2022 · Members in the News

EVERSANA and UpScriptHealth Announce Integrated, Direct-to-Patient Platform, Transforming the Patient Journey to Accelerate Therapy Access, Affordability and Adherence

CHICAGO and SCOTTSDALE—April 14, 2022 – EVERSANA™, the pioneer of next-generation commercial services to the global life sciences industry, and UpScriptHealth™, the leading telehealth and virtual prescribing platform serving life sciences companies, today announced a strategic partnership to create a direct-to-patient platform that will transform the patient experience to help accelerate access to therapies worldwide.

The EVERSANA and UpScriptHealth digital platform guides patients through a seamless, online experience to determine if they qualify for a given treatment, receive a prescription, navigate benefits and have medications dispensed to their homes through a single platform while receiving patient support services as needed.

“Many patients struggle to get the care they need due to a fragmented approach to telehealth, patient engagement and virtual prescribing. Our pharmaceutical clients need better options for their patients,” said Jim Lang, CEO, EVERSANA. “Together with UpScriptHealth, we offer a digital solution that will simplify the process for patients and their caregivers and provide faster access to treatments at the lowest possible cost.”

The solution combines UpScriptHealth’s telehealth and virtual prescribing technology with EVERSANA’s commercialization services including data and analytics, agency, digital engagement, patient support, adherence services, specialty pharmacy, dispensing, and shipping. The end-to-end solution provides patients with a simplified, virtual experience to directly engage with clinicians.  

“Linking our independent client-branded telehealth and virtual prescribing platform with EVERSANA’s end-to-end commercialization services will lead to a new wave of adoption of direct-to-patient models in the pharmaceutical industry. We are excited to partner with EVERSANA in helping life sciences organizations accelerate patient access to life-improving therapies,” said Peter Ax, CEO, UpScriptHealth.

The digital-first solution will help more patients find the treatments they need while receiving ongoing support to stay on therapies to improve outcomes.

The partnership builds on EVERSANA’s continued investments in innovative, digital solutions to support better patient experiences, and extends UpScriptHealth’s leadership in telehealth and virtual prescribing solutions for pharmaceutical clients. The solution leverages the power of data and analytics through ACTICS by EVERSANA™ for identifying and engaging the right patients and creates an on-brand, seamless digital experience for patients and their caregivers.


EVERSANA™ is the leading provider of global services to the life sciences industry. The company’s integrated solutions are rooted in the patient experience and span all stages of the product life cycle to deliver long-term, sustainable value for patients, prescribers, channel partners and payers. The company serves more than 500 organizations, including innovative start-ups and established pharmaceutical companies, to advance life sciences solutions for a healthier world. To learn more about EVERSANA, visit EVERSANA.com or connect through LinkedIn and Twitter.

About UpScriptHealth™

UpScriptHealth™ is a comprehensive, direct-to-consumer telehealth and virtual prescribing platform that is innovating the way customers get the medications they need. UpScriptHealth has been innovating telehealth for over 20 years and remains committed to improving the lives of consumers by providing immediate and long-term convenient access to medical therapies. We embody values of transparency and integrity that have strengthened our core philosophy of care. To learn more about UpScriptHealth, visit www.UpScriptHealth.com.

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