Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) Application Deadline Approaching!

The next Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) exam testing window is April 1-30, 2019. The application deadline for this testing window is March 15, 2019.

The exam is offered through computer-based administration at PSI test centers across the United States and Canada. Applicants are encouraged to register soon in order to reserve an examination appointment at the location and time of their choice.

As a specialty pharmacist, earning the CSP:

  • Leads to career advancement, increased job portability and improved marketability
  • Validates your experience and increases your professional credibility
  • Distinguishes the specialty pharmacy profession
  • Differentiates you in a competitive job market
  • Protects your patients
  • Demonstrates your commitment to continued professional development
  • Provides personal satisfaction and accomplishment
  • Increases recognition by colleagues and employers

The CSP benefits specialty pharmacy employers and the industry by:

  • Providing a dependable approach to identify top talent within the industry
  • Supporting a measurable way of evaluating and rewarding employees
  • Reinforcing that certified employees possess the most up‐to‐date expertise
  • Maintaining quantifiable, objective benchmarks to ensure employees possess the very highest skill level
  • Helping professionalize the field to outside industries
  • Defining a career path for specialty pharmacists
  • Highlighting the most skilled workforce

For additional information on the exam and the online preparation course, please visit http://www.spcboard.org/.

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