ACHC Launching Telehealth Certification

ACHC Telehealth Certification establishes national standards to promote excellence in delivering virtual healthcare services.

With dramatic expansion during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth is changing the approach to patient care delivery. Telehealth Certification focuses on enhancing patient outcomes and is designed to drive improvement, reduce risk, and optimize practices. Plus, certification keeps providers ready to meet future demands, like potential payor requirements.

Accreditation is not required. This broadens opportunities for organizations to gain industry recognition as exceptional providers of technology-enabled care and services.

Achieving ACHC Telehealth Certification validates an organization’s quality of care — strengthening trust in services and maximizing marketable value.

Here to help

Contact us to learn more. Email or call (855) 937-2242. Our Telehealth Certification webpage and FAQs on the ACHC website can provide additional information. A flyer also is available for you to download and share with your customers or members.

Click here to read our press release. Certification standards will be available to download April 20 on Customer Central.

Thank you for your continued support of ACHC programs and services.