2019 Posters Winners

From Left to Right: Richard Brook (Better Health WorldWide & NASP Education Committee Member & Abstracts/Poster Committee Chair), Stacey Ness (Managed Healthcare Associates), Donna Capozzi (University of Pennsylvania), Rachel Chelewski (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), Amanda Hickman (Trellis Rx), Sheila Arquette (NASP Executive Director), and Carmine DeNardo (NASP President & President & Chief Executive Officer ReCept Pharmacy, LP)

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy would like to thank all of the participants in this year’s Poster Presentations. This year, 44 of the abstracts submitted and reviewed by volunteers from the Educational Committee’s Abstract subcommittee were accepted for presentation.  During the annual meeting, Judges recognized the top posters most relevant to specialty pharmacy. In addition, the attendees identified the poster most relevant to specialty pharmacy.

This is the second year that the submitted abstracts are being published in a peer-reviewed, indexed journal. NASP has partnered with the Journal of Drug Assessment to make the meeting’s abstracts available to a larger audience. Submitted abstracts went through a blinded review by NASP volunteers and were subsequently reviewed by the journal’s Editor in Chief. Fourty-four of this year’s abstracts were included in journal’s volume 8 supplement published on September 6th. Click here to view the abstract supplement for the 2019 presentations.

The award winning posters were:

Category: Adherence

First Place Title: Appropriate Prescribing of Antiemetics With Oral Oncolytic Therapy a Single Center Experience

Presenting Author: Donna Capozzi

Category: Delivery of Specialty Pharmacy Products or Services

First Place Title: Understanding Purchasing Patterns and Product Access of Newly Launched Specialty Generics

Presenting Author: Stacey Ness

Category: Outcomes

First Place Title: Development of a Collaborative Pharmacy Practice Agreement to Improve Efficiency and Management of Prescribing in a Renal Transplant Clinic

Presenting Author: Rachel Chelewski

Category: Top Poster – Attendee Selection

First Place Title: Integrating High-Touch Specialty Pharmacy Services Within a Neurology Clinic to Improve Medication Access and Affordability

Presenting Author: Amanda Hickman

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