SASP Committee

The mission of the SASP committee is to help prepare pharmacy students to excel in the specialty pharmacy industry and provide opportunities for future pharmacists to extend their learning beyond the classroom. The committee creates opportunities to enhance future practicing specialty pharmacists’ awareness and knowledge through education, professional development, and networking consistent with the mission of the organization, the needs of the membership, and the patients we serve.

SASP Committee Roster

Co-Chairpersons: Jordan Almazan, Walmart & Macy Meng, University at Buffalo

Steven Branstetter, Crawford Thomas Recruiting
Johnny Chang, Novant Health
Steven Fosnight, Trellis Rx
Douglas Gebhard, RareMed Solutions
Erin Maggie Jones, Summit Medical Group
Kenneth Keesee, Crawford Thomas Recruiting
Miranda Kozlicki, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy
Megan Rees, Trellis Rx
Casey Ross, TrellisRx at SOMC Specialty Pharmacy
Thomas Steele, RelianceRx Specialty Pharmacy
Gabriel Wang, University of Southern California Specialty Pharmacy


Natalie Bedford, CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy


Sheila Arquette, NASP
Arianna Arquette, NASP

Committee members as of October 3, 2022