Clinical Outcomes Committee

The mission of the Clinical Outcomes Committee is to identify and highlight the unique and distinct patient care services provided by specialty pharmacy, specialty pharmacists and/or associated service companies that demonstrate improved patient outcomes and positively impact the total cost of care; to establish specialty pharmacy best practice guidelines and standards; to develop specialty pharmacy specific performance metrics for which specialty pharmacy will be measured for the purposes of network inclusion and reimbursement, and to promote the ongoing professional recognition and value of the specialty pharmacy practice setting consistent with the mission of the organization and the needs of the membership and the patients we serve.

Clinical Outcomes Committee Roster

Co-Chairpersons: Joshua Weber, UVA Pharmacy and Jennifer Otto, Premier Specialty Infusion

Susan Allen, Amber Specialty Pharmacy
Jordan Almazan, Walmart Specialty Pharmacy
Angie Amado, Visante, Inc.
Mary Barton, NCQA
Karen Carr, BeiGene USA Inc.
Johnny Chang, Novant Health
Van Chau, UC Davis Health
Parin Chikani, Novo Nordisk Inc.
Marc Choquette, St. Luke’s Advanced Care Pharmacy
Amanda Cooper, CPS Solutions – Therigy Division
Nicole Cowgill, Atrium Health Specialty Pharmacy Service
Brandon Cressall, Intermountain Specialty Pharmacy
Nancy Crowell, Senderra Rx Specialty Pharmacy
Raquel Dina, Premier Pharmacy Services
Jennifer Donovan, ShieldsRx
David Eckwright, Prime Therapy
Jeremy Faulks, Thrifty White Pharmacy
Brett Furchner, Orsini Healthcare
Diana Gabelman, MetroHealth
Rich Gourash, BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy
Michael Grosshans, Cottrill’s Specialty Pharmacy
Brandon Hardin, Trellis Rx
Laly Havern, Walgreens
Jill Honhera, CPS Solutions, LLC
Juliana Horton-DeFrancis, Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy
Grace Hwang, Golden Healthcare Pharmacy
Xan Janiga, Acentrus Specialty
Kate Jelline, Ardon Health
Connie Kerhove, Amber Specialty Pharmacy
Kristen Kissling, University Hospitals
Grant Knowles, Ardon Health
Jeff Kohout, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Ana Lopez Medina, Trellis Rx
Shavonda Leakes, PerformSpecialty
Brian Lounsbery, Avera Specialty Pharmacy
Stephen Lund, Senderra Rx Specialty Pharmacy
Grant McGuffey, UAB Health System
Ann McNamara, Fairview Pharmacy Services
Kevn McNamara, CPS Solutions, LLC
Amanda Merino, Walgreens
Tiffany Mitchem, Southern Cancer Center
Alicia Morris, Maxor Specialty Pharmacy
Jessica Mourani, Trellis Rx
Jennifer Otto, PromptCare Home Infusion
Kaylee Potter, St. Luke’s Advanced Care Pharmacy
Megan Rees, Trellis Rx
Craig Riccardo, Ardon Health
Sarah Richards, Optum Rx
Maria Roberts, CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy
Alysha Robinson, AcariaHealth
Mallory Schmoll, Walgreens
Martha Stutsky, Shields Health Solutions
Melissa Swoope, Walmart
Neesha Thakkar, Acentrus
Karen Thomas, University of Illinois at Chicago
Khang Tran, CPS Solutions – Therigy Division
Trang Van, Premier Pharmacy Services
Jonathan Van Lare, Dromos/SemitaRx
Sarah Wagner, Prisma Health
Joshua Weber, UVA Health
Kristen Whelchel, Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy
Andrea White, Texas Children’s Hospital
Jennifer Winters, Allegheny Health Network
Tamiko Yamatani, House Rx
Yiwen Zou, Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy
Autumn Zuckerman, VUMC Specialty Pharmacy

Board Liaison

Nancy Crowell, Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

Other Liaisons

Sheila Arquette, NASP
Megan Malecki, NASP
Rebekah Anguiano, NASP
Melissa Richards, NASP

Committee members as of May 5, 2023.