New and Enhanced 2020 NASP Membership Benefits!

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) is YOUR organization. With that in mind, we take pride in actively soliciting feedback from those who matter most — YOU our members … and we LISTEN and take action! NASP is pleased to announce that we have used your valuable feedback to enhance and expand the 2020 NASP membership benefits. You now receive more value than ever before from your NASP membership.

Below are some of the additional benefits that will be offered to ALL NASP members in 2020:

1.    Enhanced and Expanded Educational Programming for:*

  • Pharmacists (including CEs)
  • Pharmacy technicians
  • Pharmacy students
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Technology providers

2.    Government Relations / Advocacy

  • Govpredict ( grassroots tool offered at no additional charge to all corporate members to amplify our collective voice as we work to develop actionable solutions to the issues that matter most
  • State level tracking and analysis, including State Boards of Pharmacy activity, at NASP member pricing of $5,000 per year

3.    NASP Job Board*

  • NASP members can post and review available positions

4.     Journal of Drug Assessment (JDA)

  • The Journal of Drug Assessment is now an “Official Journal of NASP”
  • NASP members may sign up to receive the Journal’s “New Content Alerts,” notifications about available articles or research that are relevant to the areas of interest you designate
  • NASP members receive a 20% discount on the Article Processing Charge (APC)
  • JDA will publish NASP’s annual supplement of meeting abstracts

5.    NASP Sullivan Luallin Group (SLG) Satisfaction Survey Program

  • All NASP corporate members at Nickel Level and above will receive either:
  • NASP Standard Survey Program Participation at no charge ($1,695 value) which includes:
    • Email survey distribution only
    • Standard NASP survey, no custom questions
    • Data Files must be received Jan-March of reporting year
    • Single wave survey distribution of up to 10,000 patients
    • Access to Summary Report, Statistical Significance Report, Comments Report only
    • Access to NASP benchmarking database
    • 100 response minimum required for inclusion in annual NASP NPS Rank
    • BAA only, no other contracting/security processes
    • SLG will require the patient list and payment prior to distribution


  • NASP Enhanced Survey Program Participation at NASP member pricing (which reflects $1,695 NASP funded credit and additional savings over non-member pricing).
    • Pricing:
    • 2019: $5,450 (email) or $8,450 (mail)-without NASP credit
    • 2020: $3,755 (email) or $6,755 (mail)-with NASP credit
  • The Enhanced Survey Program includes:
    • Email or mail options
    • Scalable in frequency and volume (pricing adjusted accordingly)
    • Two-wave survey distribution of up to 2,500 patients (mail, unlimited for email)
    • Full reporting
    • Access to NASP benchmarking
    • Annual Presentation of Findings
  • Copper level corporate members may participate in the survey program at the NASP member pricing; however, they will NOT receive the Standard Survey Program at no additional cost OR the $1,695 credit toward the Enhanced Survey Program.
    • A Copper member may upgrade to the Nickel level for an additional $2,130, and in addition to the current benefits they are receiving they will also receive:
    • The standard survey at no charge or the option to participate in the Enhanced Survey Program with the NASP $1695 credit applied
    • Three (3) additional NASP individual memberships ($975 value)
  • Corporate members (Nickel Level and above) who are not interested in participating in the NASP Satisfaction Survey Program may choose benefit package 2, which now includes one additional complimentary NASP Annual Meeting & Expo registration and one workshop registration

6.    Drug Pipeline*

  • NASP will monitor the drug pipeline, make the information available to members, and use the information to create additional educational program offerings on NASP University and at the NASP Annual Meeting & Expo

7.     More robust website content*

  • Enhanced content will include research, studies, clinical resources, links to other organizations, advocacy information, a patient resource section, and more

8.    Technology and Marketing Committees

  • Help drive the future of NASP through participation in these two new committees. Marketing will focus on the development of innovative and compelling marketing strategies. The Technology Committee will focus on the important role that digital health technology plays in healthcare and work to educate on technology best practices.  

9.    2020 Annual Meeting & Expo

  • NASP is taking your feedback from the Annual Meeting & Expo and using it to make the conference even better. The input received regarding the educational topics, faculty, agenda, and facility will be used to improve the conference, increase your value, and make the best use of your time and investment. The 2020 Annual Meeting & Expo will offer a larger agenda, more and varied educational sessions, expert faculty, more workshops, sessions for specialty pharmacy technicians, and extracurricular activities. Discussions regarding improvements to the facility are already underway. We are also adding a Specialty Pharmacy Technician of the Year award.

At NASP, we strive to maintain membership dues at reasonable and cost-effective prices to ensure value and a return on your investment. You will notice a small increase in the 2020 NASP membership as a result of these enhanced benefits. We strongly believe the additional value delivered will more than compensate for the nominal price increase and we hope you will agree!

NASP 2020 Individual Membership Levels & Pricing

  • Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP): $250
  • Pharmacist, Healthcare Provider, Non-healthcare Provider: $325
  • Resident / Fellow / Graduate Student: $100
  • Pharmacy Technician: $75
  • Student / Trainee: $25

NASP 2020 Corporate Membership Levels & Pricing

  • Palladium: $35,875
  • Platinum: $23,065
  • Gold: $16,915
  • Silver: $12,815
  • Bronze: $8,200
  • Nickel: $5,895
  • Copper: $3,765

Invoices for 2020 NASP corporate membership will be emailed to each organization’s membership administrator on November 18, 2019. As always, we sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to continually serving your needs, exceeding your expectations and enhancing the value you receive from NASP. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated!

*Coming Soon

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