NASP Patient Satisfaction Survey Program

Patient satisfaction surveys can be used to demonstrate a specialty pharmacy’s capabilities to a payer, provider, or manufacturer and used internally to drive process improvements and operational enhancements. In collaboration with the SullivanLuallin Group (SLG), NASP has developed a recognized industry-standard patient satisfaction survey to address the unique drivers of patient engagement and satisfaction aligning with our goal of supporting specialty pharmacies with accurate data and insights, fostering continuous improvement, and enhancing the patient experience and outcomes. SLG is one of the nation’s most recognized providers of patient experience assessment and consulting services. The organization has a 30-year track record which includes working with more than 2,500 healthcare organizations, including leading hospitals, medical groups, and health systems. Its surveys are distributed to over one million patients every year.

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), in partnership with the SullivanLuallin Group (SLG), is pleased to share the results of the NASP 2019-2020 Patient Satisfaction Survey Program. Click here to view.

NASP corporate members at Nickel level and above, receive either:

NASP Standard Survey Program* participation at no charge (a $1,695 value) which includes:

NASP Enhanced Survey Program participation at NASP member pricing (includes a $1,695 NASP funded credit and additional savings over non-member pricing). Pricing is $3,950 for emailed surveys, or $7,060 for mailed surveys, and includes: