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One of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy’s foundational pillars is to develop and promote specialty pharmacy continuing professional education. NASP, in partnership with ProCE, a nationally recognized provider of cutting-edge health care professional education, develops and maintains the NASP Education Center, home to continuing education (CE) programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our members. Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) candidates and those with the CSP credential who need to recertify will also find our catalog of programs extremely valuable.

As a NASP corporate member, these CE activities are offered to ALL EMPLOYEES of your organization FREE of CHARGE. That means every single employee in your company can access these activities – not just those listed on your NASP membership roster. NASP Individual members also access these programs FREE of CHARGE as well!

This site provides educational activities on clinical, operational, regulatory and other topics surrounding the specialty pharmacy experience. These enduing topics serve as stand-alone content for a CORE curriculum, as well as enduring programs hosted at the annual NASP Meeting & Expo.

The NASP sponsored CE activities can be accessed via the NASP membership portal for those listed on your membership roster and for all other employees by clicking the button below.

Featured Programs

Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) Exam Prep

This course is available at a discounted rate for members ($129) – Otherwise $325

Program NameCredit Hours
CSP Prep Course7.6

Annual Meeting On-Demand Sessions

YearProgram NameCredit Hours
2019A Specialty Pharmacy Pipeline Product Update  1
20182018 Pipeline1
2017HCV – Preventing the Re-Boom1.25
2017Immunoglobulin IV to SQ – Site of Care Transition1
2017Outcomes in Specialty Pharmacy1
2017Precision Medicine and Biomarkers: Improving Clinical Utility Among Biologic Therapeutics1
2017Specialty Pharmacy: The Bridge to the Patient in a Rapidly Evolving Healthcare Ecosystem

2017Specialty Pharmacy Trend Report  1.25


CategoryProgram NameCredit Hours
AsthmaThe Era of Targeted Therapy in Severe Asthma: Specialty Pharmacy Perspectives 1.5
CardiovascularIntroduction to Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9 (PCSK9) Inhibition  .75
FertilityModule # 1: Fertility Care Considerations: Introduction to Infertility for the Specialty Health Care Pharmacist 1
FertilityModule #2: Infertility: Therapeutics and Medication Profiles  1.25
FertilityModule #3: Infertility: Protocols and Patient Management 1
FertilityModule #4: Fertility Care Considerations: Infertility: Special Populations and Considerations .75
HemophiliaAdvancing Personalized Treatment of Patients with Hemophilia Through Comprehensive Pharmacokinetic Assessment 1
HemophiliaHemophilia in Specialty Pharmacy .5
Hepatitis COptimizing Hepatitis C Disease Management: Implications for Specialty Pharmacy 1
Hepatitis CModule #1: The abCs of HCV  .75
Hepatitis CModule #2: Direct Acting Antivirals for the Treatment of Hepatitis C  1.25
Hepatitis CModule #3: HCV Drug Therapy Management  1
Hepatitis CModule #4: Treatment of HCV in Special Populations, HCV Resistance, and the Future of HCV Therapy  1.25
HIVInsights and Developments in HIV Treatment Strategies 1.5
ImmunoglobulinOptimization of IVIG and SCIG: Patient Centered Care and the Role of Specialty Pharmacies  1.25
Infectious DiseaseOutsmarting Multi-Drug Resistance in Uncertain Times 1.5
Infectious DiseaseWhat’s New for the Flu: Vaccine Prophylaxis and Treatment Updates for Pharmacists 1
Inflammatory DiseaseChronic Inflammatory Disease: An Introduction  1
Inflammatory DiseasePsoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis 1
Multiple SclerosisTreatment Strategies and Safety Updates in Multiple Sclerosis  1
Multiple SclerosisMS-101: Pathogenesis, Diagnostic and Clinical Course Treatment Considerations in MS (A Core Curriculum Series) 1
Multiple SclerosisMS-102: Navigating the MS Therapeutic Landscape (A Core Curriculum Series) 1
Multiple SclerosisMS-103: The Role of the Specialty Pharmacy Professional in Managing MS Treatment: Care Transitions, Patient Education/Adherence, and Financial Considerations (A Core Curriculum Series) 1
Multiple SclerosisMS-104: Optimizing MS Treatment: Case Studies and Applications in Specialty Pharmacy Practice (A Core Curriculum Series) 1
OncologyAdherence Concepts for the Cancer Patient 1
OncologyProstate Cancer Treatment: Implications for the Pharmacist 1.25
OncologyChemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting and Oral Chemotherapy Related Adverse Events .75
OncologyOvarian Cancer: Implications for the Pharmacist .75
OncologyNutrition in Cancer Care  1
OncologyTargeted Oral Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer 1.5
OncologyContemporary Evaluation and Management of Lung Cancer Targeted Therapies 1.5
OncologyMelanoma Diagnosis and Management Considerations 1
OncologyColorectal Cancer 1.25
OpioidOpioid Use Disorder: Treatment and Recovery Options  1.25
PAHPulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Individualized Treatment Strategies 1.5
PAHManagement and Trends in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension 1.5
PAHSpecialty Pharmacy Considerations in the Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension 1
PAHContemporary Practice Pearls for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension 1.5
Rare DiseaseTreatment of Rare Seizure Disorders within Specialty Pharmacy  .5
TransplantPharmacy Transplant Series: The Basics of Maintenance Immunosuppression 1
TransplantPharmacy Transplant Series: Managing Infectious Complications with a Focus on CMV 1


Program NameCredit Hours
The Psychology and Neuroscience of Adherence and Compliance 1
Expert Answers: Sterile Compounding in Health Systems 1.5
Strategies to Eliminate Errors in IV Compounding 1.5
Arming Specialty Pharmacies with Standards-Based Technologies to Engage Patients and Prescribers  1
Mobile Patient Engagement: Using Technology to Break Barriers and Reach Patients in New Ways  1


Program NameCredit Hours

The Specialty Experience

Program NameCredit Hours

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