NASP Committees

NASP committees provide members with a way to shape the affairs of the association and the future of specialty pharmacy. The dedicated volunteers who serve on NASP committees are guides for the staff and the Board of Directors.

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Clinical Outcomes

The mission of the Clinical Outcomes Committee is to identify and highlight the unique and distinct patient care services provided by specialty pharmacy, specialty pharmacists and/or associated service companies that demonstrate improved patient outcomes and positively impact the total cost of care; to establish specialty pharmacy best practice guidelines and standards; to develop specialty pharmacy specific performance metrics for which specialty pharmacy will be measured for the purposes of network inclusion and reimbursement, and to promote the ongoing professional recognition and value of the specialty pharmacy practice setting consistent with the mission of the organization and the needs of the membership and the patients we serve.

Co-Chairpersons: Sam Garas, Pfizer and Grant Knowles, Ardon Health

Clinical Outcomes Committee Roster

  • Susan Allen, Amber Pharmacy
  • Marly Arbuckle, MedTrakRx
  • Kristen Baron, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Travis Baughn, Maxor National Pharmacy Services
  • Maurice Bucknor, PerformSpecialty
  • Nicole Cowgill, Atrium Health
  • Mala Crossley, StranzCrossley Inc.
  • Lily Duong, Therigy, LLC
  • Brett Furchner, Orsini Healthcare
  • Lana Gerzenshtein, Excelera Rx Corp.
  • Ilya Gluhovsky, RxNumerix
  • Rich Gourash, Therigy, LLC
  • Anju Harpalani, Risk and Regulatory Consulting LLC
  • Harry Hayter, Specialty Pharmacy Executive
  • Lee Ho, Exactus Pharmacy Solutions
  • Erin Hohman, Janssen
  • Juliana Horton, Senderra Rx Specialty Pharmacy
  • Jacob Jolly, Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy
  • Jeff Kohout, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • Brian Lounsbery, Avera Specialty Pharmacy
  • Stephen Lund, Senderra Rx Specialty Pharmacy
  • Jordan Maddocks, Envision Pharmacies
  • Ann MCNamara, Fairview Pharmacy Services
  • Tiffany Mitchem, Southern Cancer Center
  • Jackie Morse, Meijer Specialty Pharmacy
  • Brandon Newman, Trellis Rx
  • Barbara Prosser, Soleo Health
  • Alan Reicher, AstraZeneca
  • Tim Safley, ACHC
  • Rushabh Shah, University of Kentucky – Specialty Pharmacy Services
  • Ann Steagall, Biologics Inc.
  • Melissa Swoope, Walmart Health & Wellness
  • Jonathan Van Lare, Pharmacy Advantage
  • Deb Wells, Wells Health Group
  • Kelly Wise, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Almir Zeqo, Exactus Pharmacy Solutions
  • Autumn Zuckerman, Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy

Board Liaison: Kyle Skiermont, Fairview Pharmacy Services

Other Liaisons
Sheila Arquette, NASP
Jo Ann Hyres, NASP
Megan Malecki, NASP

Customer Experience Committee

The mission of the Customer Experience Committee is to develop standardized assessment tools that accurately and precisely measure specific drivers of customer engagement and satisfaction, unifying specialty pharmacies in their measurement of the customer experience and providing valuable, actionable insights which allow for benchmarking and like-for-like comparisons of performance across the specialty pharmacy industry consistent with the mission of the organization, the needs of the membership and the patients we serve.

Co-Chairpersons: Juliana Horton, Senderra Rx Specialty Pharmacy & Dick Schirber, Fairview Pharmacy Services

Customer Experience Committee Roster

  • Jay Garvey, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
  • Thomas Jeffrey, SullivanLuallin Group
  • David Mitchell, University of California, Davis
  • Audrey Monroe, Ardon Health
  • Chris Popun, Publix Super Markets, Inc.
  • Anya Rubin, SullivanLuallin Group
  • Bryan Schuessler, Saint Luke’s Health System
  • Amy Swanson, ExceleraRx Corp
  • Barbara Sylvester, Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)
  • Amanda Winter, US Bioservices

Board Liaison: Suzette DiMascio, Women in Specialty Pharmacy

Other Liaisons
Sheila Arquette, NASP
Ann Monroe, NASP
Megan Malecki, NASP


The mission of the Education Committee is to continuously monitor and assess the relevance and value of NASP’s specialty pharmacy educational programs to specialty pharmacy industry professionals; ensure that a strong emphasis is placed on the patient’s experience across the entire specialty pharmacy care continuum including direct patient care and improving patient outcomes; and to identify and recommend new programs to be developed based on emerging therapies, medical innovation and changes in business practices that are consistent with the mission of the organization.

Co-Chairpersons: Emily Eastman, UK Specialty Pharmacy and Robin Wanous-Williamson, Avera Specialty Pharmacy

Education Committee Roster

  • Susan Allen, Amber Pharmacy
  • Richard Brook, Better Health Worldwide
  • Linda Chestnut, Briova Rx
  • Douglas Gebhard, RareMed Solutions
  • Kate Jelline, Ardon Health
  • Laura Jester, Navitus Health Solutions, LLC
  • Jacob Jolly, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Stephanie LaPointe, Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy
  • Song Lee, Student Pharmacist
  • Kevn McNamara, Clinical Pharmacy Partners
  • Richard Miller, AllianceRx Walgreens Prime
  • Amy Nash, Reliance Rx
  • Melissa Nelson, Fairview Pharmacy Services
  • Stacey Ness, Managed Health Care Associates, Inc.
  • Brandon Newman, Trellis Rx
  • Rushabh Shah, University of Kentucky – Specialty Pharmacy Services
  • Joan Siegel, CSL Behring
  • Marcy Snell, Pharmacy Advantage
  • Erin Stack Mellerski, Cottrill’s Pharmacy
  • Thomas Steele, Reliance Rx
  • Chandra Wahrgren, Ardon Health
  • Patti Weber, ReCept Pharmacy
  • Katie Wenstrom, Meijer Specialty Pharmacy
  • Leslie Yendro, Avella

Board Liaison: Mike Nameth, Specialty Pharmacy Executive

Other Liaisons
Sheila Arquette, NASP
Jo Ann Hyres, NASP
Richard Lewis, ProCE
Megan Malecki, NASP
Jonathan Ogurchak, NASP Education Consultant

Government Affairs

The mission of the Government Affairs Committee is to identify federal and state legislative and/or regulatory issues/proposals/rules that may significantly impact NASP members and specialty pharmacy stakeholders; to develop position statements and official responses which effectively articulate NASP’s position relative to these issues/proposals/rules and to educate and advocate on behalf of all specialty pharmacy stakeholders consistent with the mission of the organization, the needs of the membership and the patients we serve.

Co-Chairpersons: Micaila Ruiz, Amber Pharmacy & Deb Wells, Wells Health Group

Government Affairs Committee Roster

  • Timothy Affeldt, Fairview Pharmacy Services
  • Cheryl Allen, Blue Fin Group
  • Leah Bailey, Maxor National Pharmacy Services
  • John Beckner, National Community Pharmacists Association
  • Carl Bertram, Walmart
  • J’Aime Conrod, UCB, Inc
  • Keith Cook, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
  • Mala Crossley, StranzCrossley Inc.
  • Tim Davis, PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy
  • Suzette DiMascio, Women In Specialty Pharmacy
  • Supendeep Dosanjh, NYU Langone Specialty
  • Brett Furchner, Orsini Healthcare
  • Steven Gregory, Walgreens
  • Benedict Ho, Total Care Rx
  • Jill Honhera, Therigy
  • Greg Isaak, Specialty Pharmacy Executive
  • Alban Ivezaj, DirectRx
  • Paul Jardina, Onco360 Oncology Pharmacy
  • Charley John, Walgreens
  • Ed Kaleta, Walgreens
  • Ron Lanton, Lanton Law
  • Dusty Lewis, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Matt Manning, ReCept Pharmacy
  • Thomas Michaels, Total Care Rx
  • Beth Mitchell, AmerisourceBergen
  • Audrey Monroe, Ardon Health
  • Christopher Nielsen, Hercules Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Rita Norton, AmerisourceBergen
  • Christi Parson, Ochsner Health System
  • Romil Patel, Kroger Specialty Pharmacy
  • Paul Polansky, PAPRx LLC
  • Jon Rawlson, Armory Hill Advocates LLC
  • Cybil Roehrenbeck, Polsinelli PC
  • Soumi Saha, Premier
  • Doug Samojedny, Pharmacy Advantage
  • Rushabh Shah, University of Kentucky – Specialty Pharmacy Services
  • Dan Steiber, Specialty Pharmacy Times
  • Penny Surratt, ReCept Pharmacy
  • Peggy Tomes, Amber Pharmacy
  • Ken Trader, BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy
  • Craig Vollmer, Soleo Health
  • Tim Ward, Hercules Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Aaron Wiese, Amber Pharmacy
  • Amanda Winter, US BioServices
  • Ben Zetsche, Johnson & Johnson
  • Kelly Zwack, Cottrill’s Pharmacy, Inc.

Board Liaison: Nick Calla, Orsini Healthcare

Other Liaisons
Julie Allen, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
Sheila Arquette, NASP
Jo Ann Hyres, NASP
Megan Malecki, NASP


The mission of the Marketing Committee is to develop and implement compelling and innovative marketing strategies and activities in order to increase awareness of the value of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP); attract new members; increase awareness and support for the specialty pharmacy industry and for industry policy positions; promote the work and accomplishments of NASP committees; enhance awareness and participation in certification preparation and exams, educational programming and conferences; create marketing and communication strategies to target all specialty pharmacy industry stakeholders and members; and to serve as ambassadors for NASP within the industry consistent with the mission of the organization, the needs of the membership, and the patients we serve. 

Co-Chairpersons: Jillian McNamee, Alphascript & Lindsey Harris, Therigy

Marketing Committee Roster

  • Veronica Alarcon, Envolve Health
  • Cori Edmonds, Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy
  • Kirby Eng, WorkUp Health
  • Deborah Heidecke, Orsini Health
  • Emily Juhnke, KeyCentrix
  • Sarah Malakoff, Surescripts
  • Becky Rand, ExceleraRx Corp
  • Linda Stanko, ReCept Pharmacy
  • Kelli Stanley, WellSky
  • Erin Stawarz, Envolve Health

Board Liaison: Audrey Monroe, Ardon Health

Other Liaisons
Sheila Arquette , NASP
Jo Ann Hyres, NASP
Ann Monroe, NASP


The mission of the Membership Committee is to support the development and implementation of strategies to recruit, retain and engage NASP members; to ensure NASP aligns its initiatives, goals and strategic objectives to address the needs of the membership and the patients we serve; and to recognize members for outstanding contributions to specialty pharmacy practice consistent with the mission of the organization.

Co-Chairpersons: Sherard Parker, Walmart & Julie Zatizabal, Amber Pharmacy

Membership Committee Roster

  • Alyson Aguanno , Managed Health Care Associates, Inc.
  • Doug Albers, Apex Specialty Pharmacy
  • Chris Benz , Asembia
  • Brant Cherne, Hercules Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Brian Denton, Pfizer
  • Scott Guisinger, Price Copper Supermarkets
  • Meridith Holt, Excelera Rx
  • Shaleen Patel, LeMed Specialty Pharmacy
  • Natalie Ryan, Value Specialty Pharmacy
  • Teresa Stori, Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, Inc.
  • Jennifer Valentine, Innovatix Specialty Pharmacy Management

Board Liaison: José Domingos, ACHC

Other Liaisons
Sheila Arquette , NASP
Jo Ann Hyres, NASP
Ann Monroe, NASP

Ron Bookman Scholarship Program Committee

The mission of the NASP-Ron Bookman Scholarship Program Committee is to award scholarships to candidates that represent the values and qualities of Ron Bookman and to ensure his legacy endures. Additional responsibilities include management and oversight for the Program, including fiduciary oversight, establish and maintain student eligibility criteria and qualifications, solicit and review nominations, and select and award scholarship recipients. The committee will solicit funds if needed in order to ensure the sustainability of the Program.

Chair: Sheila Arquette, NASP

Ron Bookman Scholarship Program Roster

  • Mike Agostino, Amber Pharmacy
  • Michael Baldzicki, Ascellahealth
  • Carmine DeNardo, ReCept Pharmacy
  • Benito Fernandez, Onco360 Oncology Pharmacy
  • Amvrosios Ioannidis, Integra Partners


The mission of the Technology Committee is to demonstrate the value of the evolving and increasingly important role that digital health technology plays in the current healthcare delivery system, to promote data connectivity, integration and management through the establishment of defined specialty pharmacy code sets and file standards that represent clinical and operational functions involved in the delivery of specialty pharmacy care, to educate on technology best practices to all specialty pharmacy stakeholders, and to advocate for interoperability between stakeholders and technology vendors consistent with the mission of the organization and the needs of the membership and the patients we serve.

Co-Chairpersons: Joe Morse, Therigy & Luis Rodriguez, KeyCentrix

Technology Committee Roster

  • Doug Albers, Apex Specialty Pharmacy
  • Stephanie Armstrong, Kaiser Permanente
  • Pooja Babbrah, Point-of-Care Partners
  • George Blankenship, Therigy
  • Gerald Buller, Trellis Rx
  • Henry Burgess, University Hospitals
  • Heather Chapman, Ardon Health
  • Brandy Cloud, Specialty Pharmacy
  • Simone Colgan Dunlap, Quarles & Brady LLP
  • Raj Desai, Pfizer Inc
  • David Eckwright, Health Outcomes Research Prime Therapeutics
  • Kirby Eng, WorkUp Health
  • Jeremy Faulks, Thrify White Pharmacy
  • Lee Feigert, GraneRx
  • Howard Flushman, Eversana
  • Vanessa Garner, Therigy
  • John Giannouris, ValueCentric
  • Bob Griesbach, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.
  • Janelle Griffiths, Baptist Health South Florida
  • Hiba Halabi, Express Specialty Pharmacy
  • Harry Hayter, Tempus
  • Frank Jamison, Trellis Rx
  • John Jones, Pepper Hamilton LLP
  • Stuart Kersky, Comprehensive Pharmacy Solutions
  • Tony Kocevski, Pharmacy Advantage
  • Mirando Kozlicki, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Ron Lanton, Lanton Law
  • William Lee, Carilion Clinic
  • Stephen Lund, Senderra Rx
  • Srinivasu Maddula, VVLS Pharmacy dba Banks Apothecary
  • John McCormick, Acaria Health
  • Mike Montana, Temptime Corporation
  • Komal Patel, Catalia Health
  • Siddharth Patel, Kroger Specialty Pharmacy
  • Janis Pennell, Meijer Specialty Pharmacy
  • John Petts, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
  • Paul Polansky, PAPRx LLC
  • Heidi Polek, DrFirst
  • Gary Rice, Go Fish Ventures, LLC
  • Ali Salehmohamed, Jefferson Specialty Pharmacy
  • Jami Schell, ExceleraRx Corp.
  • Shafi Shilad, ScriptPro
  • Karen Silverblatt, Inovalon
  • Kate Smullen, Shields Health Solutions
  • Evan Starke, Express Specialty Pharmacy
  • Jill Sugg, UCB Inc.
  • Matthew Swajkowski, Orsini Healthcare
  • Jonathan VanLare, SemitaRx
  • Samuel Yokum, Allied Health Solutions/WVU Medicine

Board Liaison: Rebecca Shanahan, Shanahan Ventures LLC

Other Liaisons
Sheila Arquette , NASP
Jo Ann Hyres, NASP
Megan Malecki, NASP

Committee Members as of February 11, 2020

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