Mark Montgomery

President & Chief Executive Officer Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, Inc.

President and CEO of Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, Mark Montgomery is a 25-year innovator in the specialty pharmacy sector of the healthcare industry. He joined Axium in 2003 as Partner, Vice President/General Manager, overseeing the daily operations for Axium. He was promoted to President in 2005 and CEO later that year. In 2006, Mark partnered with a private equity firm, Carousel Capital, to acquire Axium Healthcare. In 2012, Mark lead successful merger with the Kroger Company, the nation’s 6 th largest employer and the nation’s 5 th largest pharmacy. Prior to joining Axium, Mark successfully built Sunrise Health Management, which was sold to Accredo Health, the nation’s largest specialty pharmacy. Mark played instrumental roles while employed with leading national specialty pharmacy providers, Accredo Health and Caremark.

Mark’s views on excellence in his profession directly correlate to his standard of excellence for himself. Quality is measured by outcomes, and outcomes are attained through understanding and action. Mark recognized that success is tied to repeatedly achieving the highest standards of outcomes for all specialty pharmacy healthcare stakeholders from patients, providers, and payers to manufacturers. To accomplish this success, an organization must focus on specialty pharmacy innovation through people and solution-based methodologies, which involves choosing the right people and the right technologies necessary to redefine how specialty pharmacy is done.

Mark currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Avant Healthcare, Orlando Inc., American Academic Capital, and Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute. He chairs the Executive Committee Task Force on Capital for Orlando, Inc. and actively participates in many other Central Florida organizations. In 2012, Mark was recognized as one of the “Top 30 Most Influential People in Specialty Pharmacy” by Specialty Pharmacy Times and was named Ernest and Young Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year for Florida in 2013.

Mark has two daughters and lives with his wife Cheryl in Winter Park, FL.